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Delta Vee

Delta Vee was the first F-31 with a rotating rig. It had an off-the-shelf extrusion initially that was used for the rotating rig and later had the extrusion that Corsair used for many years……which was designed by Multi Marine. The boat was bought as a “shell” from the factory and we customized the interior and […]

We Do Consultations

We are specialist in Multi-hulled sailing and motor craft and we offer classes and consultations. We are both brokers of multihulls and builders of custom, experimental boats. We usually have weekly talks/lectures on “Oceanography for Boaters” as well.

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New 30 ft. powercat

L-7 Trimaran

The design criteria was to design a small trimaran that was:

1. easy for build for the “backyard builder”2. Inexpensive3. Fast4. Easy to trailer and fold5. Embraced the KISS principal

What we achieved was a very fast, easy to sail, trimaran which sold, ¬†complete for $30K and was faster than the F-24’s, F-27’s and in most conditions […]


Launched in 1984, Minette is a cold-molded (spruce veneer), demountable, racing/cruising catamaran that was designed by Craig Ashby and myself.