Project Description

Delta Vee was the first F-31 with a rotating rig. It had an off-the-shelf extrusion initially that was used for the rotating rig and later had the extrusion that Corsair used for many years……which was designed by Multi Marine. The boat was bought as a “shell” from the factory and we customized the interior and deck/rig layout. It weighed only 3150lbs. when done and still holds the Corsair/Farrier record on the Ensenada Race. It was the first multihull in the U.S. I believe to have synthetic shrouds. It is the boat that the later, “R” version, was patterned after.

Other innovations:

1.  Light weight, portable galley, convertible queen-size bunk in the main saloon.
2.  Longer rudder blade.
3.  Masthead running backstays w/ maxi-reacher instead of a spinnaker
4.  Split bow pulpits and s/s back railing for cockpit seats
5.  V-mainsheet system…..for a more open, roomy cockpit